customized packaging


Over time we realized that a packaging service was also necessary. The objective is to provide a guarantee to the customer that the newly painted product is packaged in a suitable crate to ensure it is totally protected up to its destination anywhere in the world, whether being transported by ground, sea or air.

We select the most appropriate materials to protect your products, like coupled barrier, silica gel (dehydrated salts), VpCI (Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors) and many more...


wooden crates customized packaging

We offer services that cover all the phases for creating the packaging
A series of global services, starting with taking charge of the products directly at your facilities and concluding with packaging and shipping to the final customer.

  •    Analysis of Requirements

    We offer support to the customer, designing packaging based of reference specifications, the contents, the applied anti-corrosion coating, the means of transport, and finally, the destination, all to ensure that the item arrives in perfect condition and meeting all requirements.
  •    Design

    We design your packaging based on the best storage conditions and safety during transport, also taking humidity, ShockWatch indicators and inspection portholes for customs into account.
  •    Construction

    Partner with the carpentry companyPartner con la falegnameria EP Packaging Solutions, authorized FITOK company, we can construct any type of packaging to meet the most restrictive ISPM15 standards.
  •    Packaging

    We take care of everything, also the actual packaging materials. The customer only needs to indicate the destination, and we take care of all logistics up to delivery.

The packaging department works in accordance with the requirements of the ISPM15 Standard, HT wood treatments, marking and FIT-OK tracking.

Our crates are designed to support weights up to 60 tons and satisfy the most demanding requirements, including Aramco and Chiyoda


We are available for labeling motors for customers.

Our qualified personnel were selected from the most expert valve specialists, and perform labeling, assembly and calibration of electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, subsea and gas over oil motors, to then transfer the final product to the packaging and logistics department.